Expand Your Business

with Our Process Excellence, Risk Management, Change Management and Strategy Development Expertise

Make an UnCommon Connection with our corporate services. UnCommon Connection will work with you to identify the right sized approach for you and your organization. Whether you need a project, a program or a corporate roll-out we have the experience to lead you through it.  With our diverse background we will help you become more efficient at identifying and executing the activities to make your business operate better.  Contact us to learn more about our services.

Process Excellence
There is an increasing need to improve how we do business.  Our internal processes need to be executed well in order to be competitive. Let UnCommon Connection 
help you identify the key processes and establish a measurement system that allows you to understand how they are performing.  We will work with your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands how their efforts contribute to performance of the organization.  Utilizing the appropriate tools we will help you improve operational efficiency, reduce waste, optimize cycle time and improve the overall health of your organization.
These engagements may be on a project by project or long term basis.  Engagements have included:
• Process Improvement
• Metric Development
   • Process Mapping
   • Quality Systems
• Root Cause Analysis        
• Program/Project Management
 Risk Management
A risk is a problem that is waiting to happen.  Some risks are known and others are not.  How do you know what to do?  Let us help to identify your areas that present the greatest threat and help you develop a plan to eliminate or reduce the threat to an acceptable or manageable level.  

 Operational Execution
Sometimes you just need someone to come in and do the hard work.  Let UnCommon Connection partner with you and your organization to understand, develop
and execute the critical tasks that you need done to take your business to the next level. Whether it involves developing the plan or doing the work we can provide solutions
that will exceed your expectations. 

 Strategy Development
Do your employees know how their work impacts the overall business strategy?  Is your strategy achievable?  Are your projects supporting the strategy?  Let us help you to define and utilize a systematic method of identifying your strategy and aligning the business to support it.  By understanding your company vision and objectives we will help   you develop a repeatable process that ties projects and work to your strategy and shows the impact.  Let us help you take your organization to the next level and make an   UnCommon Connection.  


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